So you want to work with us at DA'Burger do you? 

Well you're in luck mate, because we're always looking for unique individuals who will fit into our team at New Farm!

Below, you'll find a run down of what we are looking for and what it's like to work with us in one of our shops. If you think it's a good fit, give us a shout!

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What we're looking for…

We love having fun, making burgers and hanging out and laughing, and we get paid to do it. We are always looking for energetic people to join our team. It’s about enjoying what precious time is given to us on this planet…and if we have to make some money to pay the bills along the way…then by goodness money shall be made whilst having fun!

At DA'Burger everyone gets trained to do everything… it's just better this way. That way, we don’t all do the same thing day-in-day-out. It just spices things up a bit. So here’s some things that we all do…

First Impressions Counter

Now what’s a customer going to think when they walk up to place their order and here’s you laughing and smiling? They will think you’re a happy camper!…That’s what they’ll think, and this is a good thing. It’s good because that feeling of being happy and having fun is contagious and if you have made someone have fun and feel happy in our store then this means that you have had a positive influence on a fellow human being! That’s cool, and what’s even cooler… is that you get to hand them an icy cold beverage as well… and on a hot day this will only strengthen your relationship!

Front of House

It’s a fancy way of saying you hang out around the front and take people their orders, listen to music, have a laugh… you may say “how you doi’n today? Or... ”Nice shirt” or “How good was that!?”

You get the gist? Having fun is not rocket science!

The Grill

Well this is just like a backyard Sunday BBQ… listening to music, cooking up a storm for your friends and mates and looking out at the sea of satisfied faces on the owners of the tummies that you helped fill with DA'Licious food!

Bring it Together

This means your right next to the person rock’n out on the grill. This also means that you should be having fun and rock’n out with the person on the grill, and when they pass you something that has been cooked to perfection it’s up to you to put it between some buns and “drag it through the garden” (that’s jive talk for adding the salad components to the burger). Once that’s done… wrap it… present it and off it goes to be eat’n.

So you can't wait to start? Apply now!