So you want to work with us at DA'Burger do you? 

Our HQ team looks after the big picture. We're a highly specialised teams of hospitality and business experts who (don't tell anyone this part) know how to work but still have fun. 

Expressions of Interest

Hiring for our HQ team
is a bit different...

What we're looking for...

We love having fun, making burgers and hanging out and laughing, and we get paid to do it. We are always looking for energetic people to join our team. It’s about enjoying what precious time is given to us on this planet…and if we have to make some money to pay the bills along the way…then by goodness money shall be made whilst having fun!

We walk our talk

Our HQ team is as much a part of our store teams as anyone else. If you like coming to work in a t-shirt, having fun and making people's days - then we want to talk to you.

Be warned though, it isn't all fun and games - there isn't a week that goes by when the CEO doesn't roll up his sleeves and run burgers when it gets busy. For us, knowing when to have fun, when to get down to business and when to chip in and help is all in a days work.

Fun fact... in the photo at the top, that's Wendy - DA'Burger Lover and Founder - rockin' the counter during a busy ses!
Expressions of Interest

In the words of Donald Rumsfelt, "There are things you know you know; things you know you don't know; things you don't know you know; and things you don't know you don't know." Did we just quote the original Donald?! @#%$.

It means that it is possible we don't know that we aren't looking for your specific skill set. Just because we haven't got a position that's a shoe'in for you isn't a sign that you should go away, its a sign you should say hi - so give us a shout man!

You can't wait to start? Drop us a line!