James here, I am the mastermind behind DA'Burger (and totally rockin' that daggy sweater - are they dogs, or cows... cows would totally be inappropriate).

People ask me "how was DA'Burger born?"... well... simple really. I love food... always have... always will... but it's burgers in my opinion that are pure pleasure... you just pick them up and eat them. So from my original idea for DA'Burger my wife Wendy was amazing enough to believe in a dream and without her. DA'Burger would still just be a dream... and now... we have DA'Burger... and it is... DA'Bomb!

So... from my original idea for DA'Burger the dynamic team has already grown to include a staff of many! My wife and I are two absolutely burger obsessed store owners, whose sole purpose is to serve up what we know are fresh, unique, farm to plate burgers that everyone from all walks of life are fast becoming fans of. We are not a franchise and we are not a pop up, we are two stores focusing on and doing what we do best... and you will quite often see the two of us and the rest of our incredible team in store engaging DA'Burger lovers with a smile.

So... DA'Burgers philosophy is simple... using the best local produce available from local suppliers, we just assemble these elements to offer you a DA'Burger of your choice. So please... enjoy our store... enjoy our service... but most importantly... enjoy DA'Burger. DA'Burger loves you and we thank you for your support.

Jimbo - DA'Burger Lover and Founder