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Each shop supports a local charity that in turn supports the communities we work and live in.

Share the Dignity and DA'Burger Ascot

"As a child, I witnessed domestic violence and know first hand the challenges one faces in dealing with it. Helping those in need now is something I'm deeply passionate about."

James D'Ath - DA'Burger Lover and Founder

Over one million children are affected by Family Violence in Australia. According to the Family Law Court of Australia, children of all ages have been found to have more problems when they have been exposed to family violence, particularly coercive and controlling family violence, however there are very few support services to help these kids heal.

Research has consistently found that children who are exposed to family violence have higher levels of emotional and behavioural problems than children who have not. Children who are in violent homes are also at a greater risk of physical abuse or having their physical and emotional needs neglected.

Activities 4 All

Share the Dignity’s Activities 4 All recognises the enduring effects of domestic violence on children. Activities 4 All aims to provide extracurricular activities for children being supported through the recovery process due to long term exposure to domestic violence. It encourages children to express themselves in a safe environment and re-learn how to function in healthy relationships.

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Foul Play (Share the Dignity)13.90

Thai marinated chicken tenderloins, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and Wendy's chilli jam with a hint of lemongrass and ginger.

Every. Single. Time.
$2.30 from every Foul Play burger sale buys a period pack.

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Brisbane Youth Service and DA'Burger New Farm

Our purpose is 'To support homeless and at-risk young people and their children in realising their potential by upholding their dignity and forming genuine partnerships'.

Our vision is 'New Futures for Young People'. The ultimate goal for BYS is to reduce or eliminate youth homelessness and disadvantage through the following core components: Health, Housing; Recreation & Social Engagement, Assessment & Referral, Emergency Relief, Young Parents – support & education, Employment, One-on-one advocacy service (case work), Education, and Thought Leadership.

Our values – We believe that organisational values are the qualities that transform an organisation's mission and vision into reality. In essence, values outline organisational culture and are a major component of organisational performance. We are committed to the following values and work to see these values demonstrated in our day to day behaviour and service delivery:

  • Respectful and trusting relationships are fundamental to growth and change.
  • Safety and teamwork are essential to achieve our mission.
  • Social justice – rights, access, equality and participation – is necessary for young people and their children to meet their needs.
  • Partnering with community, government and business will ensure that we pool resources and expertise to cooperatively deliver integrated, holistic and client focused services.
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